Intercultural Competence

The challenges facing our world often require solutions that cut across traditional geographical and disciplinary boundaries.

The work of SLCL faculty, alumni, and students traverses these boundaries, ranging from humanitarian aid to computational linguistics, engaging in the public as well as private sectors, and affirming our values and commitments to exceptional teaching, research, and activism.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently listed "global/multi-cultural fluency" as one of the top ten markers of career readiness among college graduates. In SLCL, we offer precisely the kind of intercultural competence and communication skills that employers and graduate programs seek today.

We provide instruction in thirty-two languages, offer expertise in historical and contemporary cultural practices, and teach increasingly indispensable skills of critical analysis and intercultural comprehension.



Starting summer 2022, we're offering faculty members the opportunity to update existing courses to incorporate explicit intercultural competence goals. You can find more information about the grants as well as guidelines for proposals here

Study Abroad

Study abroad is only one component of a true trajectory towards intercultural competence. But it is something in which SLCL excels, as we are able to offer a range of residential study-abroad opportunities to our students. A selection of the programs we offer is here. Also see LAS International Programs for much more information about the wonderful opportunities, often with financial assistance, that are available to students in SLCL programs.