Undergraduate Student Services

Undergraduate Student Services

  • Primary contact for inquiries from prospective/current undergraduate students, SLCL faculty and staff, and Campus personnel in regard to undergraduate student services
  • Primary SLCL undergraduate liaison with LAS and other departmental advisors
  • Coordination of appointments for students with assigned academic advisors
  • Primary contact for undergraduate foreign language placement/proficiency campuswide exams
  • Primary contact for Frances Scheidel Scholarship process
  • Participates in the maintenance and archival of undergraduate student records


Undergraduate Records (UgradRecs)

Access the data bases here.


Departmental Advising


Classics, Classical Archaeology, Classical Civilization, Latin, Greek (Ancient & Modern)
Advisor: Daniel Leon, 4047 FLB


Comparative & World Literature

Advisor: Rini Bhattacharya Mehta, 3035 FLB


East Asian Languages and Cultures

Major, minor, secondary education: Shao Dan, 2056 FLB


French & Italian

Major, minor, secondary education: Daniel Maroun, 2004 FLB

Major, minor: Eleonora Stoppino, 2120 FLB


Germanic Languages and Literatures

German Major, minor; Scandinavian Studies minor: Laurie Johnson , 3108 FLB
Teacher education: Charles Webster, 3101 FLB



Major, minor: Zach Reed, 3004 FLB
Faculty Advisor: Peter Lasersohn, 4096 FLB

Linguistics + Computer Science:
Major, minor: Zach Reed, 3004 FLB
Faculty Advisor: Roxanna Girju, 3017 FLB,

English as a Second Language
Minor: Zach Reed, 3004 FLB
Faculty Advisor: Randy Sadler, 3054 FLB

Arabic Studies
Minor: Eman Saadah, 4098 FLB, MC-168

Hindi Studies
Minor: Mithilesh Mishra, 4037 FLB

Sub-Sarahan African Languages
Minor: Mary Gathogo, 4101 FLB

Turkish Studies
Minor: Ayse Ozcan,  4114 FLB


Study Abroad ("299 advisors")

See complete list at the bottom of this page.


Medieval Studies

Option in Interdisciplinary Studies major: Eleonora Stoppino, 2090 FLB



Major, minor: Rick Layton, 3010 FLB


Spanish & Portuguese

UG advisor: Tasha Robles, 4004 FLB
Director of UG Studies: Ann Abbott, 4006 FLB
Director of Basic Spanish: Melanie Waters, 4090 FLB
Director of Advanced Spanish: Florencia Henshaw, 4017 FLB

UG major, minor: John Karam, 4110 FLB
Director of Basic Portuguese: Raquel Goebel, 4127 FLB


Slavic Languages and Literatures

Russian major, minor, Czech/Slovak: David Cooper, 2014 FLB
Polish: George Gasyna, 3056 FLB


Student Forms

All forms, along with complete instructions, for students in LAS can be found on the LAS website. If you can't find the information or form you're looking for on this page, please contact LAS Student Academic Affairs.

Academic Advising and Student Administrative Issues
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Scholarship Opportunities

Frances E. Smith Scheidel Scholarship



Students must apply for graduation via Enterprise (Web) Student Self-Service

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