The Marita Romine Distinguished Service Award was established in 2011 through the generosity of Professor Douglas Kibbee, the first director of the School of Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics, to honor a selected staff member for outstanding contributions to the school.

One award may be made annually. The executive committee of the shool will review and rank nominations and make a recommendation to the director.

The successful nominee will receive a $600 award and a certificate.


Nominations will be evaluated in terms of achievement according to the following established criteria:

  1. Demonstrates high standards and excellence in overall work performance.
  2. Promotes positive morale through a congenial, supportive attitude and by coaching, supporting and mentoring others.
  3. Shows commitment to professional development as well as to develop and recognize others.
  4. Promotes teamwork, collaboration and cohesiveness.
  5. Exhibits initiative, creativity and problem resolution abilities, resulting in improved operating efficiency within the School.
  6. Contributes significantly to the overall success of his/her area, and is a great representative of SLCL to our campus community.

Distinctive achievement in all areas will constitute the strongest case for selection. The selection committee will be cognizant, however, of particularly outstanding achievement in any one area.

  • Preference will be given to full-time employees with at least one year of employment in SLCL by the nomination deadline.
  • Retirees may be eligible if employed in a status appointment during the previous calendar year.
  • A person who receives a Marita Romine Distinguished Service Award will not be eligible for a second Distinguished Service Award during the next 5-year period.

Nominations may be made by any member of the school (faculty, staff, or student) and must be supported by two other SLCL members. The initial nominator will start the nomination form and include the NetIDs of two supporting nominators, who will receive the request automatically. Supporting nominators need not start a new form.

Only electronic nominations will be accepted.

Deadline: March 14, 2025


Previous Recipients


♦  Nate Payne (Facilities Operations Coordinator)
♦  Marcia Bellafiore (Assistant to the Director)


♦  Jazmine Summerville (Office Manager, East Asian Languages & Cultures and Slavic Languages & Literatures)


♦  Robb Larson (Student Services)


♦  Joy Fuller (Assistant Director of Business) 
♦  Mariah Redmon (HR/Business Associate)


♦  Ellen Lindsey (Office Manager, Comparative & World Literature and Religion)
♦  Dee Ann Bates (Office Manager, Linguistics)
♦  Katie Walker (Office Manager, Spanish and SLATE)
♦  Jessica Smith (Office Manager, Classics, Translation & Interpreting Studies and Medieval Studies)


♦  Rebecca Riley (Assistant to Director, SLCL Administration)


♦  Debbie Kraybill (Receptionist & Office Support Associate, SLCL Administration and Student Services)


♦  Bill Mullins (Receptionist & Office Support Associate, SLCL Administration)


♦  Yvonne Knight (Human Resources Associate, SLCL Administration)


♦  Lenore Sroka (Office Manager, East Asian Languages & Cultures and Slavic Languages & Literatures)


♦  Lynn Stanke (Admissions and Records Officer, SLCL Student Services)


♦  Kathryn Schilson (Office Manager, Department of Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese)


♦  Mary Ellen Fryer (Administrative Aide, SLCL Student Services)