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Read article: Bridging the gap between languages
Bridging the gap between languages
  Interpreters play a crucial role in ensuring access to justice and healthcare for all, but there often aren’t enough professionals to fill that need. Hebba Abulsaad (MA ’23, translation and interpreting studies) saw that gap and took it upon herself to help bridge it—all while working to...
Read article: The heart of a volunteer
The heart of a volunteer
  Service isn’t about the recognition you might receive from others; it’s about the impact you could leave on your community. That idea is top of mind for Flor Quiroz, who spends both her summers and her semesters using her language skills to give back. It’s what made the junior’s receipt...
Read article: Registration now open for Intensive Language Instruction Program (ILIP)
Registration now open for Intensive Language Instruction Program (ILIP)
  Registration is now open for the Intensive Language Instruction Program (ILIP)—formerly known as the Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program, or IFLIP. ILIP is a unique educational experience designed to accelerate language learning through an immersive classroom atmosphere....

Drawing of globe surrounded by diverse crowd

Introduction to Intercultural Competence

Introductory overview aiming to define and practice intercultural competence by examining how to use it in educational, professional, and social settings.

SLCL 110

Close up of microphone in conference room

Conference Interpreting

Introduction to conference interpreting and its main theoretical concepts.

TRST 542

Religious stained glass windows

Religion in Contemporary America

Examines the religious dynamics of the twenty-first century United States.

REL 335

Itsukushima shrine

Sacred Sites in Japan

An interdisciplinary study of major sites in Japan that are deemed sacred, and of their visual culture. The art and architecture of sacred sites are examined and positioned within a variety of contexts, such as their cultural, religious, and socio-political significance.

EALC 320

open book

Modern Masterpieces of Western Culture

Comparative study of major works of literature, philosophy and culture in the Western tradition from the Enlightenment to today, from Descartes and Voltaire to Dickinson and Calvino.

CWL 242

Young man and woman in movie still

Latin American Diaspora through Film: Beyond Braceros, Narcos, and Latin Lovers

Study of the relationships between Latinx and Latin American culture through film, focusing on sociohistorical processes (migrations, assimilation, political struggles, nationalism, globalization).


Illustration of man in tan suit

Russia and Black America

A survey of the interactions and intersections between key African American figures and cultural practices, and Russian imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet culture, in a historical, social, and political context, with emphasis on Russian-sourced cultural transfers that influenced and sometimes shap

RUSS 122

A row of flags from all over the world in the city of New York

American Voices: Linguistic Diversity in the US

The United States has a vast and varied linguistic landscape that has been shaped by a unique medley of peoples and cultural practices.

LING 250

Poster with images of Vikings on ships and the following text: "SCAN 252: Viking Sagas in Translation; Studies Old Norse-Icelandic literature: kings' sagas, family sagas, mythical-heroic sagas, and romances. Texts and lectures in English. Walker Horsfall.

Viking Sagas in Translation

Studies Old Norse-Icelandic literature: kings' sagas, family sagas, mythical-heroic sagas, and romances. Texts and lectures in English.

SCAN 252

Choix Goncourt US: US Goncourt Prize Selection

Contemporary Literature in French: Choix Goncourt US 2024

Come and decide who will be the next winner of the Choix Goncourt US! The Prix Goncourt is one of the most prestigious francophone literary prizes, awarded each year since 1903 by the ten members of the Académie Goncourt in Paris.

FR 322

Poster with the text, "Greco-Roman Antiquity in Native American Literature: CLCV/CWL 220 section B, professor Craig Williams, 8-week class, starts March 12, TR 2:00-3:50 pm

Greco-Roman Antiquity in Native American Literature

Greco-Roman Antiquity in Native American Literature. Engagements with the languages, literatures, mythologies, and histories of ancient Greece and Rome in a selection of Indigenous writers of North America from the seventeenth century to today.

CLCV 220

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