Note: The following information is for the SLCL group-administered French & Spanish proficiency test only. For placement testing, please see CITL's websitePlease read all of the information below.

Registration is full for the test on March 26 at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

The next round of texting will be held the first week of class in the Fall semester. Registration for that test will open mid- to late July

Pre-test information

The test is proctored over Zoom:

  • You must use the Zoom account associated with your UIUC email/NetID to get into the test.
  • The Zoom camera must be positioned so the proctor can see you and your computer screen at the same time. That means it will either need to be on a separate device (your phone or tablet) or you'll need a detachable web camera you can position off to the side.
  • We will email you the Zoom link a day or so before the exam. Please test it to make sure it takes you to the SLCL Proficiency Test waiting room.

The actual test is given in a Moodle:

  • Use the orange NetID login button and not the blue Moodle Only login button.
  • The test will not be visible until everyone has checked in. When it’s available, it will appear under “My Courses.” For now, all you need to do is make sure you can access the Moodle.
  • If you have previously taken the placement test, you will probably see both tests listed under “My Courses.” Make sure you are using the proficiency test, or you won’t get credit and will have to re-take it later.

If you encounter any problems with the setup, email to let us know ASAP.


  • The test does not start until you have:
    • Checked in
    • Gone through instructions in the Moodle
    • Signed the academic integrity statement
    • And clicked on "begin attempt" — Your allotted time begins then, not at the posted exam start time
  • You will need your iCard or other ID to confirm your identity.
  • The proctor will also ask you to show the room and your setup before you set it in place for the test.
  • Once you are checked in and have shown us your setup, you may NOT leave your seat, so please make sure you already have anything you need with you (such as water) and that your computer and phone are both plugged in.
  • You are NOT allowed to have any resources such as dictionaries, textbooks, class notes, crib sheets, etc.

The exam

  • There are several tabs with information you need to read, and an academic integrity statement you must click on to sign. Read all of the information!
  • To start the test, you will click on the tab that shows the name of the language (“French” or “Spanish”) and then scroll to the link at the bottom.
  • This is a timed exam. You will have either 75 minutes to complete the Spanish exam or 120 minutes to complete the French exam. The exam will automatically close if you have not finished by then. There is a timer on the screen so you will always be able to see how much time is left.
  • Each time you click to the next page, your progress will be saved up to that point.
  • If you finish the exam and still have time remaining, you will have the opportunity to make sure you answered all of the test questions before submitting your responses.
  • When you click on "finish attempt" after the last test question, it will take you to a summary of all the questions that you answered and all the questions that you did not answer. You can click on the question number to return to it.
  • When you are completely done, click on "submit all and finish." This will submit your answers.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you should see the phrase, “No more attempts are allowed.” This confirms that your answers were saved.
  • You will also see your exam score and whether or not you earned any academic credit for third- or fourth-level proficiency. This is your official result
  • The information will be sent to your college, along with any paperwork necessary to add the credit hours to your record (if applicable). This part of the process can take several weeks to complete, so please be patient.
  • Once you have finished the exam and have seen your score, you are free to log out any time.

If you have any questions about these instructions, or if you encounter technical problems, please contact us at

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