School administrative directory

Director's office M/C 171 244-3252
Mariselle Meléndez, interim director  4088B 244-4090
Ryan Shosted, interim associate director 4072A 244-7788
Marcia Bellafiore, assistant to the director 4088A 300-8331
Michael Marino, office support associate  4080 300-8556
Business office M/C 173  
Brian Keyes, associate director of budget and resource planning 3072D 244-4672
Mariah Redmon, business and human resources specialist 3072G 300-8591
Jody Wagner, accounting associate 3072C 300-4660
Communications office     
Dania De La Hoya Rojas, communications coordinator 2090K 333-4647
Facilities management M/C 173  
Nate Payne, facilities operations coordinator  3080B 244-1546
Iris Hawkins, office manager 3088A 244-5060
Human resources office  M/C 173  
Assistant director 3072I  
Dana McCool, human resources associate 3072A 300-5811
Mariah Redmon, business and human resources specialist  3072G 300-5891
Linh Tran, office support specialist 2090 333-3416
Student services    
Lynn Stanke, admissions and records officer 3070C 333-6269
Robb Larson, office manager 3070B 244-5783
Jessy Ruddell, office support specialist  3070 244-9418
Academic advisor    
Zach Reed  4117 300-7382
Research labs    
Linguistics data analytics manager    
Information technology services    
Oliver Lotspeich-Yadao, information technology specialist (ATLAS) 2139 333-3462