Intercultural competence

The challenges facing our world often require solutions that cut across traditional geographical and disciplinary boundaries.

The work of SLCL faculty, alumni, and students traverses these boundaries, ranging from humanitarian aid to computational linguistics, engaging in the public as well as private sectors, and affirming our values and commitments to exceptional teaching, research, and activism.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently listed "global/multi-cultural fluency" as one of the top ten markers of career readiness among college graduates. In SLCL, we offer precisely the kind of intercultural competence and communication skills that employers and graduate programs seek today.

We provide instruction in thirty-two languages, offer expertise in historical and contemporary cultural practices, and teach increasingly indispensable skills of critical analysis and intercultural comprehension.

Certificate in Intercultural Competence


The Certificate in Intercultural Competence offers undergraduate students the chance to show future employers and potential graduate programs that they have the global and intercultural skills needed to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Courses on the approved list for the Certificate include an introduction to the concept of intercultural competence, as well as elective courses that cover a wide variety of topics, from the study of ancient traditions to contemporary culture, the study of myths and fairy tales to modern literature, and more.

Although the certificate will not appear on a student’s transcript, students completing the certificate should include this credential on a resume or application for advanced study.