School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics Dissertation Completion Fellowship

With the support from the estates of Donald and Barbara Smalley and Edward McBroom, this fellowship supports students in SLCL doctoral programs as they complete their dissertations. Eligible candidates are nominated by their departments; the fellowship provides one year of support.

The School’s Executive Committee is charged with selecting the dissertation completion award recipients. Nominees must be in a position to complete their dissertations within the fellowship period. Requirements, criteria, and application instructions are here.

  • Student deadline per department - turn in all application materials to DGS by deadline indicated by department.
  • Department deadline March 1, 2021 - send completed student application and departmental nomination to


Past Winners


Diana Sacilowski, Slavic Languages and Literatures

Asiya Ikhnsanova, Comparative and World Literature

♦ Christopher Gipson, Classics

Shaodan Zhang, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Francesco Ferrari, French and Italian


♦ Johannes Frohlich, Germanic Languages and Literatures

♦ Adam Kozak, Classics

♦ Amanda Rector, Spanish and Portuguese

♦ Pierpaolo Spagnolo, French and Italian

♦ Wenqi Yang, East Asian Languages and Cultures


♦ Marina Filipovic, Slavic Languages and Literatures

Patrick Drackley, Linguistics

Liz Moreno Chuquen, Spanish and Portuguese

Meagan Smith, Comparative and World Literature

Nicholas Strole, French and Italian


♦ Lydia Catedral, Linguistics

Emily DiFilippo, Spanish and Portuguese

♦ Mark Frank, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Orestis Karatzoglou, Classics


Adrian Anderson, Classics

♦ Jing Chen, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Sharif Karmizad, Linguistics

♦ Kate Lyons, Linguistics

♦ Matthew Nelson, Comparative and World Literature

Jessica Sciubba, French and Italian


Priscilla Charrat, French and Italian

♦ Weija Du, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Iftikhar Haider, Linguistics

Lauren Hansen, Germanic Languages and Literatures

♦ Myeong Hyeon Kim, Linguistics


Jeffrey Elliott, Comparative and World Literature

Yun Yao, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Brian Hunt, French

Lisa Burner, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

Irina Avkhimovich, Slavic Languages and Literatures

Rania Al-Sabbagh, Linguistics

Amy Norgard, Classics