New academic advisor for Spanish: Brady Hughes



Brady Hughes is the new Academic Advisor for Spanish. He advises Spanish majors and minors on program requirements, opportunities on campus, and more.

Brady also works on student recruitment and increasing the Department of Spanish and Portuguese's online presence. Notably, he says, the department recently joined Twitter and Instagram (its username is @SpanPort_UIUC for both).

Before joining the SLCL Brady worked on campus in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, where he advised students on study abroad and managed an alumni mentoring program, as well as handling other miscellaneous communications and marketing work.

“I would like our students to know that I'm available to help them in any way I can,” he says. “I know everyone is suffering from Zoom fatigue and that it can be hard to ask for help, but I'm friendly and approachable.”

Brady is also an alumnus of the SLCL, having completed his BA in Spanish and Global Studies in 2017. “I'm happy to share my personal experiences to help students figure out their own paths.”

Welcome back to the SLCL, Brady!