Charlie Webster, Director of the Center for Language Instruction and Coordination (CLIC), has organized an IPRH (Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities) reading group entitled "The Role of Study Abroad in Higher Education".

The group brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines to examine the changing role of study abroad within a liberal arts education. Their primary focus is on the extent to which study abroad contributes to the acquisition of cultural competence and language skills. In addition, they also discuss how inequities in access to study abroad are being addressed.

Reading Groups may be formed around any topic or theme. The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities on campus makes its facilities available for use by the Reading Groups, with the goal of widening the reach of the groups and attracting new members.

Persons interested in this reading group can email Webster at

Webster is also an Instructor and Director of the Basic Language Program in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures.