Marissa Barlaz is new Linguistic Data Analytics Manager for SLCL


Marissa Barlaz, who completed a Ph.D. in Linguistics in 2018, is the new Linguistic Data Analytics Manager for the School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics.


In her new position, Barlaz is available to support any new or ongoing research projects in the analysis stage. She’s also available for consultations regarding what analysis methods to use for a specific research question, and can assist with applying different analysis methods within the R environment.


“I’m happy to develop research collaborations in order to help further research programs, as appropriate,” she said.


In addition to individual consultations, she is teaching an introductory course in the fall semester, “Introduction to Statistical Analyses for Linguistic Research,” which focuses on how to do statistical analysis for linguistic research using R. In the spring she plans to teach an advanced statistical practices course.


This semester she’ll also be conducting a workshop series for the students and faculty of SLCL. The first part of the workshop series will concentrate on general best practice in data analysis and dissemination of research results. The second part of the workshop series will focus on analysis practices within different linguistic sub-disciplines. She will give workshops on how to use different methods in data analysis within various reading groups in SLCL, to help members of these groups learn how to do analysis pertinent to their specific research interests.


Barlaz’s office is 4072A FLB. She can be emailed at