Welcome to the School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics at Illinois!

The School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics (SLCL) researches and teaches cultures, intellectual histories, and languages throughout the world. Our faculty and students make new and significant contributions to the understanding of a diverse human experience. From the study of religion to computational linguistics to visual media, the SLCL joins thirteen departments and programs in a center for intercultural competence. Our undergraduate and graduate students gain the skills in communication, critical analysis, and global expertise that serve them in a huge variety of careers.

Our School's collaborative environment promotes world-class research, innovative teaching, opportunities for outreach and community service, and enhanced learning experiences.

The SLCL provides instruction in thirty-two languages to students from across campus and the world, and run residential study-abroad programs in Austria, France, Japan, Spain, and more. 


Many of the challenges facing modern societies require solutions that cut across traditional geographical and disciplinary boundaries. The contributions of our alumni and students reach far and deep in the public and private sectors, and range from providing humanitarian aid to language teaching to practicing international law.

School faculty, staff, and students are active in various community projects, such as the Education Justice Project, the University Language Academy for Children, the Foreign Language Teacher Education Program, and the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center.


Our diverse and talented faculty author major books and articles, lead externally funded projects, and receive national and international awards and fellowships for their scholarship, teaching, and service.

Since the School's founding, our faculty have been awarded more than $4.5 million in grant funding for research from federal, state and private sources. Faculty and graduate students also host several large international conferences as well as colloquia and workshops every year, bringing lively exchanges and diverse thought to the campus community and beyond.

One of the major goals of the School of Literature, Cultures, and Linguistics is to encourage people to pool their talents and work together to help create a vibrant intellectual environment in which faculty, students, and the general public can thrive. The School welcomes all ideas and suggestions that can better serve students, faculty, staff, and alumni in our shared mission: to understand the world in its diversity while exploring, analyzing, and illuminating the common threads in our human experience.