Topics in Global Culture

SLCL 200
Painting of a house and yacht by Picasso

This course explores the rich and complex relations of over a dozen languages and cultures of the Mediterranean, where civilizations, cultures and languages have intermingled and competed for thousands of years. These interactions are still crucial to understanding contemporary events in the Mediterranean countries in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East. A dynamic introduction to the social and cultural history of languages spoken in countries like Greece and Egypt, Morocco and Spain, Italy and Turkey, Albania and Croatia, France and Algeria, Syria and Israel and more will be offered in this course. The starting point will be the Mediterranean of today, tracing the historical development of the languages as an ongoing process in relation to historical events, culture, politics and religion. The main requirement for the course is to complete three take-home papers, each 3-4 pages long, and a final project.

Term: Fall 2023

Instructor: Eda Derhemi

Credit: 3 hours

Prerequisites: No pre-requisite, non-repeatable

This course satisfies the General Education Criteria in Fall 2023 for:

  • Cultural Studies - Western
  • Humanities – Hist & Phil