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Advanced Elective Courses

ESL 592/593
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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers 8-week, graduate-level, advanced elective courses designed to give international students field-specific, individualized feedback: ESL 592 (Advanced Academic Writing) and 593 (Academic Presentation Skills). Classes and individual conferences with the instructor serve to support students in their other coursework and professional pursuits. All international graduate students, postdocs, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars are eligible.

ESL 592: Advanced Academic Writing 

ESL 592 Part-of-Term A (POT A) provides advanced international students with lessons in genre analysis to enable them to derive field-specific models for research articles, theses, and dissertations. During this course, students will develop a guide for academic writing conventions specific to their own discipline. Sessions are held in two synchronous meetings per week.

After completing POT A, students who wish to work on individualized writing goals will qualify to enroll in ESL 592 Part-of-Term B (POT B)our independent study section. In this course, students design their own assignments, such as writing for other courses or working on journal articles or dissertation sections. Students meet regularly with peers and instructors for sessions and individual conferences.

ESL 592 is typically offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, and each section is 8 weeks long. POT A courses are offered in August-October and January-March; POT B Independent Study sections are offered in October-December and March-May.

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ESL 593 Academic Presentation Skills

This course will improve students’ skills in speaking and presenting research in academic settings. With the aim of creating and delivering compelling and professional presentations, students will practice orally explaining their research, adapting to different audiences, and giving and receiving feedback.

ESL 593 is typically offered twice each semester in the Fall and Spring semesters, and each section is 8 weeks long.

Link to ESL 593 in Course Catalog

Note: ESL 592 and ESL 593 are not sequential (i.e. you can take 593 first or take just one of the two courses)