Department Support Staff

The School's award-winning staff assist faculty, staff, and students with departmental processes.

Dee Ann Bates (Linguistics)
Office Manager
4080F Foreign Languages Building
(217) 333-3563

Lori Bender (French and Italian and 
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Office Manager
2090G Foreign Languages Building
(217) 333-2020 (French  and Italian)
(217) 333-1288 (Germanic Languages and Literatures)


Jessica Smith (Center for Translation Studies,
Department of The ClassicsProgram in Medieval Studies
Office Manager
4080E Foreign Languages Building
(217) 244-7455 (Translation Studies)
(217) 333-1008 (Classics)
(217) 333-5572 (Medieval Studies)

Jazmine Summerville
Office Support Associate
2090 Foreign Languages Building


Ellen Lindsey (Comparative & World Literature 
and Religion)

Office Manager
2090L Foreign Languages Building 
(217) 244-3036

Mary Moon (East Asian Languages and Cultures 
and Slavic Languages & Literatures)

Office Manager
2090F Foreign Languages Building


Katie Walker (Spanish & Portuguese and SLATE)
Office Manager
4080C Foreign Languages Building
(217) 300-2932

Marcia Bellafiore (Foreign Language Teacher Education and Facilities Management)
Office Support Specialist
2090C Foreign Languages Building
(217) 300-8331